• Writing

    So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.
                                                                                - Dr. Seuss
    During formal writing time, we read authentic literature to model an author's purpose for writing and writing style.  In addition, we model good writing skills in order to show your children my thought process and the conventions of writing.  In addition, the students will learn how to use sources in order to add details to their papers.  Below is a list of skills that all children will work on all year.
    • how to write to communicate ideas
    • how to include details in writing
    • how to write a complete sentence
    • how to address an audience by participating in daily writing activities
    • how to use the steps of the writing process (brainstorm writing ideas, write first draft, read to a peer, revise first draft, edit first draft, write final draft)
    • how to write responses to text
    • how to write notes and letters
    • how to write narratives stories
    • how to write opinion pieces
    • how to write informative papers