WMS Cross Country

  • Running Like A Wildcat: Join the Pride


    Hello Wildcat XC Athletes and Families,

    The race at Poulsbo was our last regular season meet.  Both the girl’s and boy’s teams won! Click on the link to see the race times. https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/162392/results

    The League Meet is on Tuesday, October 29. This is the last and biggest meet of the season. All 8 teams in the league will be racing. All athletes are expected to attend this exciting meet and the following awards ceremony.

    1) Juicy Juice Awards: We are recognizing the athletes below for working and running hard, even when it rains. Way to go!

         - Jack T, Nolan H., River H., Liam J., Mairin O., Maya L., Addie C., & Felicity W.

    2)  For some pre-race confidence, check out the state rankings.

    - Girl’s State Rankings: https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Division/List.aspx?DivID=52893&d=3200#women

    - Boy’s State Rankings: https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/Division/List.aspx?DivID=52893&d=3200

    3) Week #9 Schedule (practice M-F @ 3:45-5:15pm)

         Monday @ Battle Point for Race Prep and Shake-out Run

                      All athletes are expected to be at this practice.

                      Parent Pick-Up: Battle Point Picnic Shelter 

         Tuesday @ Lincoln Park (Port Angeles) for Racing

                     Students Dismissed from Class @ 12:40 pm

                     Bus Leaves WMS @ 12:50 pm

                     Girls Race @ 3:30 pm

                     Boys Race @ 4:00 pm

                     Awards Ceremony @ 4:45pm

                     Parent Pick-Up: WMS Bus Parking lot @ 6:40 pm

         Wednesday – No Practice: Wash your uniform

         Thursday – No Practice: Have a fun and safe Halloween      

         Friday @ Sakai Gym for the End of Season Celebration

                     Parent Pick-Up: Sakai Flag Pole @ 4:45 pm

    4) Please add your pictures of the WMS XC season to the google album. We would love to have your pictures in our end of season slideshow. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN5HPSHJ7fJPIko5qnX4KNgk50pma9F0HK63KSNxf4lOHwwaMf9J6bVGZ0ABnmADw?key=SXg2aTUydE0zdENJbjdGMWVweXlWcUl2XzlHWHV3

     Go Wildcats!

    ~ Amy Evans (WMS XC Head Coach)