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      Water Quality Testing

March 10, 2016, the following specialists gathered to discuss the topic of lead in drinking water:
Melinda Friedman, President & P.E.
Confluence Engineering Group
Katherine Rottell, Regional Engineer
Office of Drinking Water
Washington State Dept of Health
Alexander Garrard, Director
Washington Poison Center
Washington State Dept. of Health
Elisabeth Long, Epidemiologist
Childhood Lead Poisoning Surveillance
Washington State Dept. of Health
John Kiess, Assistant Director
Environmental Health
Kitsap Public Health District
Scott Daniels, Agency Administrator
Kitsap Public Health District
Dr. Fred Walters, Pediatrician
Bainbridge Pediatrics 

Water Quality Update ~ Presentation to BISD Board 

Ordway Water Quality Test Results 08.19.16 / Ordway Test Locations / Letter to Ordway Parents

Water Quality Video Presentation (Full) 03.10.16 
Links to other relevant information - Washington State Department of Health's website:
What is Lead?  
Lead in Drinking Water 
Testing for Lead Poisoning