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    The Bainbridge High School Job Shadow Program offers an exciting opportunity for students to take a sneak peek into the real world of work. A job shadow is an immersive experience where students can step into the shoes of professionals in their chosen career field. It is designed to help students as they progress through their career exploration process and to help them make connections between their academic experiences and potential future careers. 

    Our Job Shadow Program is designed to provide a bridge between the classroom and the workplace, allowing students to gain firsthand insights into potential careers. Whether they are intrigued by medicine, engineering, law, construction, or any other field, we strive to connect them with employers who are eager to share their expertise.

    Once a student completes an In-Person Job Shadow application indicating their career interests and submits a completed Parent/Guardian Consent Form, the Work Based Learning Coordinator will work to match the student with a local professional in the student’s interest area.

    Who can participate? Students who are in grade 10 and older at BHS and EHHS may participate. Students are required to submit a completed In-Person Job Shadow Student Application. It is available electronically on the CTE Department web page under Job Shadow Program once applications are opened. Students also must submit the Parent/Guardian Consent Form (also available on the CTE Department web page), and need to create and submit a student resume.  Resume templates and tips are available on the same web page.  The student resume is a helpful tool that will be shared with your job shadow host.

    Why Participate?

    • Real-World Insight: Job shadowing offers a unique opportunity to observe professionals in action, helping students gain a clearer understanding of their desired career.

    • Networking: Build valuable connections with experienced professionals who can provide guidance, advice, and potentially even mentorship.

    • Inspiration: Discover if your chosen career path aligns with your expectations and passions, helping you make more informed decisions for your future.

    • Resume Enhancement: Highlighting a job shadow experience on your resume can make you stand out when applying for internships, college admissions, or future employment.

    • Confidence Building: Gain confidence in your career aspirations by witnessing firsthand what it takes to succeed in your chosen field.

    Please check the Job Shadow Student Resources section for application and parent consent forms.

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