• Here are some of the books about writing available to read, outside of the zillion individual poet’s books BHS and I have. You choose one to read and present to us. 

    Working with Writing (Trade books)

    The Muses Among Us                                   Kim Stafford

    If You Want to Write                                     Brenda Ueland

    Writing Fiction                                              J. Barroway

    Supplies                                                        Julia Cameron

    Fooling with Words                                       Bill Moyers

    A Poetry Handbook                                       Mary Oliver

    Bird by Bird                                                  Ann Lamott

    The Gift                                                        Lewis Hyde

    Letters to a Young Poet                                R.M. Rilke

    Poetry collections worth studying

    The Daily Poet                                              Kelly Russel Agondon, Martha Silano

    Saved by a Poem                                           Kim Rosen

    Thunder and Lightning                                 Natalie Goldberg

    Poets Against the War                                   Sam Hamill, ed

    Ain’t I a Woman                                            Linthwaite, ed.

    Staying Alive                                                 Neil Astley, ed

    Prose – Stories, essays, letters – collections worth studying

    Gift from the Sea                                           Ann Morrow Lindberg

    Letters                                                          Emily Dickinson

    100 Great Short Stories                                 James Daley, ed.

    40 Model Essays                                            Jane E. Aaron, Ellen Kuhl Repetto

    Night Lights (NW stories and essays)            Dr. Charles Johnson, ed.

    Thirsty for Joy – Australian stories retold     Brian Doyle

    Children and Other Wild Animals essays      Brian Doyle

    Best Am. Essays                                            Mary Oliver, ed.

    Principals of Uncertainty                              Maira Kalman