• BHS students should be aware of the following library policies:  


    English and Social Studies textbooks are checked out from the library for the semester. 

    All textbooks become lost after the last day of the semester.  This means that students will be assessed the replacement cost of the item in the school’s accounting system.  That cost will be deleted from the student's record when the book is returned to the library.  Students can pay for lost items with Mrs. Spray in the 200 office. 

    All library books are checked out for a three-week period and can be renewed.  There are no fines for overdue books.   

    After a book is overdue for 180 days, it is considered lost and the replacement cost will be entered in the school’s accounting system.  The cost will delete when the books are returned. We greatly prefer that the item be returned over payment. 

    Book fines from other BISD schools.  

    Lost and damaged book fines from other BISD schools do transfer over to the BHS library system and the BHS accounting system. If you need help returning a book to another school, please see BHS library staff.  If you need to pay for a lost or damaged book, you can pay for it at the Accounting Office in the 200 Building.  If you have concerns, you can contact the librarian at the school where the item was lost or damaged. 


    If you find a book that you have already paid for, we would be happy to get the book back.  We can issue a refund of the fine if the book is returned in a timely fashion.  This means that we can issue a refund if the item is returned and the refund is requested within 365 days of the item being lost.  Graduating students have until September 30 of their graduation year to request a refund.  Families who wish to request a refund may do so with the BHS Accounting Office.