• Wish List

     Immediate Need:
    • DOMINOES any type
    • Marble Run toys
    • Building toys: LEGOs, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Blocks
    • Craft materials for decorating (beads, sequins, stickers, yarn etc.)


    • Plastic Bottles (soda bottles, water bottles, small juice bottles-avoid sending bottles that are thick plastic as kids will be poking and cutting them)
    • Plastic containers (yogurt, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese type)
    • Cylinder containers (Pringles, tennis ball containers)
    • Boxes (Mac & Cheese, cracker boxes, cereal, Amazon etc.)
    • Tubes (paper towel tubes, wrapping paper tubes)
    • Unusual packaging material

    Please make sure all items are clean!

    Please drop off or send donations in with your student to the STEM lab. Thank you!!