Ms. Ande  
    Club Officers: 
    Ella Baker
    Vice President:    
    Marcella Burkard
    Gracie Sanchez
    Claire Friers
    We have an interim studio located at COS 200B- until the new 100 building is open!
    We will meet via zoom until we can meet in person. 
    Pleae see  Ceramic Club Link
     Google classroom code Yecs5eo
    Next Meeting:  1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month (every other Wednesday) See Ms. Ande for more inforamtion. 
    Current Project:  Studio safety test prior to starting work in the studio is required!  Please see Ms. Ande if you have not passed the test.  We will begin our first projects, and decide on a community project. 
    Ceramics Club is a great group of students who enjoy working in ceramics, and want to further their skills and leadership opportunities. We have a motivated group of leaders, and some fun project plans for the year!  
    Ceramics Club meets in via zoom every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 3pm.  ** During our group project we will be meeting each week, and afternoon times may be scheduled to complete our project.**  Club members are welcomed to come in during morning hours other days to work on projects and club activities.  During group projects and deadlines we will meet every Wednesday morning, and  afternoon sessions will be scheduled as needed by club members.   Times are subject to change based on membership preference.   
    Bringing on Spring at BHS!!!  2019
                                                          flower        flower and bird  
                                                                                          Sharing the Love at BHS!!!! 2018
                                Hearts                 heart 4                hearts 2
       Fired Hearts     Glazed Hearts    Fired Hearts
                                                                                          Making it Snow at BHS!!!! 2017
                                   snowflake        snowstorm 2016