• Get to know me...
    Lockett family  
    This is my fourth year teaching fifth grade at Sakai.  It is wonderful working with students who come to school excited to learn surrounded by a community that truly values education.
    I have loved to read since I could put two sentences together and was absorbed into the worlds my books opened up to me.  I spend many summer days and winter nights and all those in between lost in the pages of a book.  My goal is to encourage a child to find a book, a series, a genre that they love and let them fall in love!
    Writing was more challenging when I was a child.  I learned to find my way by writing about what I loved.  I had an English teacher that let me choose what I could write about and where I wanted to write it.  I would sit on a bean bag in her room with a clipboard and a clean piece of paper and create my masterpiece.  It was liberating to write for fun.  My classroom is set up exactly the same!  
    We will have a great year filled with many great books, learning experiences and new friendships formed. 
    I went to Washington State University - Go Cougs!  I am a BIG Seahawks fan.  I have lived all around the world including Italy and Japan.  I now live here on Bainbridge Island with my husband Greg, two boys, Gunnar and Gage, and dog, Blakely.   Gunnar will be entering 6th grade and Gage in 4th grade.