Dear Parents, 
    Each Student will have an opportunity this year to be the Star Student of the Week

    Schedule of Events:

    Monday - One week before it is your student's turn, I will send home a blank poster. Parents are welcome to write for their student on the example papers provided and let them glue it to the poster, or the student is welcome to draw everything as long as the majority of the information is incorporated in their art. This poster is to be brought back the following Monday. 
    Monday - The Star Student will be able to present and talk about their poster in front of the class as well as answer any questions. The poster will then be displayed in the classroom for the remainder of the week. 
    Tuesday - The Star Student will be able to show off their skills to the class on Talent Tuesday! This can be a live presentation, a video presentation or photo slideshow. This performance should be limited to about 5 minutes. It could be playing an instrument, performing a magic trick, singing, drawing...etc. If it is a video or slideshow please e-mail it to me so that I will be able to show the whole class on our smart board