• Geometry with Ms. Clements - Expectations Overview

    GRADING SCALE:                                

    A = 100-93     A- = 92-90     

    B+ =89-87      B = 86-83      B- = 82-80

    C+ = 79-77     C = 76-73      C- = 72-70                          

    D+ = 69-67     D = 66-60 

    F = Below 60 

     *No “rounding up” of grades.

    SEMESTER GRADE IS BASED ON:  60% tests, 20% quizzes, 20% assignments


    100 point test at the end of each chapter.

    150 point semester/final exam.

    Quizzes--announced, unannounced, group, individual, in-class, take-home, open book, closed book.

    ONE TEST EACH QUARTER can be edited on a specific Geometry edit sheet. Once all edits are complete and accurate .25 will be credited for points missed.  For example, if a student scores 70/100 on a test, 30 points were missed. If edits are done with completion and accuracy, 30 points x .25 = 7.5. So, the new score would be 77.5/100.  Edits must be done in Ms. Clements classroom, and may not be taken home. Edits need to be done by appointment before school, after school or during lunch and must be completed before the next Chapter Test is given.  

    Attempt to cheat---0% on the test or quiz.

    Skip class---0% on the test, quiz, or homework missed.



    Short periods: Approximately 30 minutes outside of class.

    Long periods:  Approximately 1 hour outside of class.

    These are estimates; the times will vary with the individual student.

    Collected and corrected daily at the beginning of following class period.

    Late homework will earn 60% if it is completed before the Chapter Test; otherwise it is counted as 20% credit.  

    Absences: One extra class period is given for an excused absence.  "Absent" must be written at the top of the assignment.  

    To receive credit the assignment must be legible and include your first and last name, period number and lesson number, page and problem numbers.

    Exchange phone numbers with fellow students so you can get help when having extra difficulty on a problem or technical problems with the on-line textbook.


    The usual: pencil, eraser, notebook paper, occasionally graph paper,  and any inexpensive scientific calculator which has sin,cos,tan buttons

    Necessary for Geometry: Protractor, compass, and ruler (which we call a “straightedge”)

    Optional: Graphing calculator. Highly recommended model is the TI-84 Plus CE which can be used for later courses. TI-83 Plus or TI-84 is acceptable.    (Do not recommend higher TI models or other brands. ). TI-NSPIRE and TI-92 are not allowed in this course.

    Strong work ethic!


    *Questions in class are welcome and encouraged.

    *Students lead busy lives.  Make every minute in class count to reduce your outside workload.  Be ready to work when the bell rings. 

     *Attend every class.  Schedule medical/dental appointments at another time whenever possible.

     *Be seated when the bell rings and stay seated.

     *Arrive on time.  Use the restroom BEFORE class so that you do not need to miss class activities if possible.

     *Eat breakfast. Eat lunch.  It's hard to concentrate when hungry.

    * Cell phones are distracting. I need your FULL ATTENTION for the entire period.  Keep them off and in your backpack unless I ask you to take them out for an educational class activity.  Only use a real calculator, not a cell phone, for math work.

    * No earbuds in ears unless given permission.   I need your FULL ATTENTION. 

    * No sticky gum or sticky soda in class please. No nuts.  Eating quietly and discreetly is fine.

     *Do assignments in pencil, NEATLY!  Remember a real person (me!) actually tries to read these.

    *Please sign out before leaving to use the restroom or to see the nurse, and sign in when you return.  Only one person is allowed out of the classroom at a time.  If it's an emergency, please let me know.  

     *Focus on UNDERSTANDING and MASTERING the material, not just remembering it long enough to ace the next test.

    *Check your grades frequently and ask me if you think I have made a mistake. I will not take offense.  I keep excellent records and post often. I keep all your papers in an organized fashion and you may find a missing score on the “No Name” board.


    Make mastering Geometry one of your top priorities. 


    I’m here before school at 8 a.m., at break and during lunch.  Drop by!

    My school phone number: 206.780.1296.

    My school e-mail address is:  dclements@bisd303.org  (Email is the BEST way to reach me.)  

    Assignments are posted daily on my website. If absent, check the website.


    ISBN 978-0-547-64709-8
    Directions to log on to  your on-line book:
    1. Go to http://my.hrw.com
    2. Sign in with your user name and password.
    3. Click on "Go to the on-line textbook".
    4. Use the red tabs to navigate.
    5. The "Book Pages" will take you to your textbook. 


    You can also come see me even if you want to talk about something that has nothing to do with my class or school.  Sometimes you might just need to talk with someone.  Please feel free to visit me. 





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