AP Psychology

    Michael Holloway
    Phone: 206-855-0465
    Room: 306
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    Welcome to AP Psychology!  I am looking forward to working with you this year.  We will be utilizing Google Classroom for most of the coursework.  Please use the correct code below in order to enroll in the proper class and period:

    Period 1 - AP Psychology - dsiqzl4

    Period 5 - AP Psychology - woaf6hk

    Period 6 - AP Psychology - 7662pvx

    Syllabus (to be uploaded soon)


    Rather than display a "week at a glance" I have provided the reading and test schedule for each class session for the entire year through the AP Exam in early May on the following links.  

    Reading and Test Schedule Per. 1 and 5 for the year 2021-22  

    Reading and Test Schedule Per. 6 for the year 2021-22