Syllabus and Course Outline

    Instructor: Ms. D’Arcy Clements, Room 221

    Email:  dclements@bisd303.org

    Phone:  (206) 780-1296

    Course:  Geometry

    Text: Geometry, Common Core Edition, Holt McDougal

    Supplies: Protractor, Compass, Ruler, Pencils, Erasers, Graph and Notebook Paper, Graphing calculator: TI-83 Plus or higher is required (If looking to purchase, a TI-84 Plus CE is highly recommended.), Patience


    Geometry Syllabus                                                                              

    Welcome to our Geometry class. The primary goal of this course is for the student to actively engage themselves in a positive learning experience in which there is increased appreciation and understanding of mathematics in the world. It is my hope that students will find joy and success in solving problems and grow as learners and participants within our classroom community. To reach these goals the course curriculum is structured around the Common Core Standards through our Geometry textbook.

    All activities within the classroom are expected to contribute to an atmosphere of learning in which respect, involvement in learning, and a positive attitude are essential components.

    In order for us to accomplish our mathematics and personal goals please make note of the following guidelines:

    · Attend every class. New topics are covered daily. This is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

    · Arrive on time and be prepared with completed assignments and supplies.

    · Begin participating in the introductory activity as soon as you arrive.

    · Use class time wisely. You lead busy lives and the best time to complete your coursework is during class when you have the assistance of your teacher and peers.

    · Seek help when needed. Utilize our class website, online text materials (including videos), before and after school help, study buddies, peer tutors, professional tutors.

    · ASK Questions! I welcome and encourage good understanding...smart people ask questions!


    Grading: What you learn, you earn! You are the master of your own learning and performance. I commit to do my very best to facilitate your learning and in the end, like most things in life, you will get out of this course what you put into it. I will do my best to inspire you, guide you, and remind you to stay focused with the goal. The rest is up to you.


    Grading Scale:                          

    93-100 A       90-92 A-        87-89 B+       83-86 B         80-82 B-       

    77-79 C+       73-77 C         70-72 C-        67-69 D+       60-66 D         < 60 F                   


    *Grade Composition: 

    Assessments   60%

    Quizzes         20%

    Assignments/Notebook Checks/Chapter Notes       20%

    *Attempt to cheat---0% on the test or quiz.

    *Skip class/Unexcused absence---0% on the test, quiz, or homework missed.


    Homework and Assessments: Please expect an assignment each time we meet. Assigned work is due the next class period for full credit. Assignment scores are usually completion scores only. They do not reflect your understanding of the concepts. You are expected to check your answers with the odd numbered problems in the back of the book and ask questions for those you struggle with. (Late homework which is complete will earn 60% if it is submitted by the Chapter Test, and no more than 20% of the total score if it is later.  Incomplete homework will have one point removed for each incomplete problem, resulting in a score no lower than 20%.) Write the section, page, and problems on the upper right corner of each assignment, as discussed in class.  All problems should show all work and have the answer circled.

    The best way to be successful is to keep pace with the class. You can expect at least one quiz per chapter, perhaps a team quiz if it is a challenging chapter, a test upon completion of the chapter, and a comprehensive final exam at the end of the semester.

    ONE TEST EACH QUARTER can be edited on a specific Geometry edit sheet. Once all edits are complete and accurate .25 will be credited for points missed.  For example, if a student scores 70/100 on a test, 30 points were missed. If edits are done with completion and accuracy, 30 points x .25 = 7.5. So, the new score would be 77.5/100.  Edits must be done in Ms. Clements classroom, and may not be taken home. Edits need to be done by appointment before school, after school or during lunch and must be completed before the next Chapter Test is given.  

    Classroom Website, Google Classroom and Textbook Support: Our classroom website and Google Classroom is your link to assignments, lessons, notes, and tips. Your online text comes with a multitude of support: practice problems, step by step examples, teaching videos, and more! After good attendance and engagement in class these are your best places to look for help to keep you in the know and on track. Please consult the online resources if you are absent or if you are struggling. You will most likely find answers to your questions there – help yourself!

    You will find the course outline below.

    I look forward to a successful (and fun!) year of math for all of us.


    Geometry Course Outline

    Chapter 1 – Foundations for Geometry

    Chapter 2 – Geometric Reasoning

    Chapter 3 – Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

    Chapter 4 – Triangle Congruence

    Chapter 5 – Properties and Attributes of Triangles

    Chapter 6 – Polygons and Quadrilaterals

    Chapter 7 – Similarity

    Chapter 8 – Right Triangles and Trigonometry

    Chapter 9 – Extending Transformational Geometry (if time)

    Chapter 10 – Extending Perimeter, Circumference and Area

    Chapter 11 – Spatial Reasoning

    Chapter 12 – Circles

    Chapter 13 - Probability (if time)