• Tutorials
    Here is the promised page of tutorial links. You will find written and images to help you with basic through complex code or design options. Please remember your level of skill before trying to attempt the more complex options, they may be cool but if you do not understand the basics first then you will learn nothing by just inserting the tougher stuff or having someone insert it for you. You are graded on how far you have come in your learning and for most of the beginners it is absolutely expected that your site will be more on the basics level than high level code. However, if you came in with some skills you will be expected to expand on those skills throughout the semester. This could be through challenging yourself to learn higher level code or through transferring your knowledge by helping others learn (this does not mean doing it for them). 
    Stationary Nav Bar (by Parker Bushey)
    Parallax Scrolling - W3Schools
    Favicons (by Mara Smith) 
    Google Maps & Forms (by James Slattery)
    Read More (by Jack Stratton) 
    Positioning Items Using CSS (by Annika Thornburg)