How Student Assignments Are Graded

    "Standards Based Grading"

    Exceeds Expectations: 95-100%

    The student demonstrated superior performance, skills, and knowledge, well beyond the requirements of #3 below.
      The assignment must be turned in on time.

    Meets Grade Level Expectations:  80-94.9%


    The student demonstrates solid performance and understanding appropriate to content and grade level. The student applies skills in a variety of situations, such as:
    You work independently, and are self-motivated.
      Your answers reflect critical thinking, insight, and analysis of information.
      Your answers are in complete sentences, with capital letters and punctuation.
      You pay close attention to your spelling.
      You make an effort to write as neatly as you possibly can or word-process your paper.
      If there are illustrations or diagrams, they are colored and reflect effort.
      There is a complete heading on your paper.
      The assignment must be turned in on time

    2 Making Progress:  55-79.9%

    The student shows partial understanding of grade level knowledge and skill in specific situations or with support. The student is showing progress over time.
    You are making an inconsistent effort in the areas listed above.
      You are attempting to use complete sentences, but your paper might contain sentence fragments, spelling errors, or forgotten capitals and punctuation.


    Your paper was turned in late or incomplete.


    Needs Support:  0-54.9%

    The student demonstrates little or no understanding, knowledge, or application of skills at grade level. The student may be working on materials below grade level.
    You need reminders to stay on task and significant adult support.
      You had difficulty understanding the lesson or skill.
      Your paper contains numerous spelling errors, sentence fragments, forgotten capitals and punctuation.
    If you earn a 1, the teacher may ask you to do the assignment again or make corrections on the paper
    Important to remember:  If a student scores a "2" or less on an assignment (excluding tests, final projects, etc.) he or she can make it up to earn a "3".  
    Make sure to speak to Mrs. Palmer about how to improve your grade!