Highly Capable Multidisciplinary Team Results - 2014/2015
    Highly Capable Program Students Program Annual Plan - 2014/2015 


    UPDATE - May 2014

    Board Presentation on May 8 - New Policy Language
    Board Presentation on May 8 - Phase-in Recommendations for 2014/2015
    Overview of Screening, Nomination and Assessment 

    UPDATE regarding Eligibility - May 2014: For school year 2014/2015, the following process will be used.  All students will be selected based on the results of a cognitive assessment, an academic assessment and a teacher rating scale assessment.
    Highly Capable Education Program Review 

    During the 2012/13 school year, Washington State made major changes to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) that governs Highly Capable Services.  A copy of the revised WAC is included in this packet. The difference, between what the new WAC calls for and what our district is currently providing for highly capable services, will require the district to undertake significant changes.  To assist in determining the needed changes and developing recommendations for implementation a Highly Capable Review Committee was formed. The mission of the committee is as follows:

    The Highly Capable Review Committee (HCRC) is tasked with developing a recommendation to the Bainbridge Island School District (BISD) School Board to update Board Policy 2166 and Procedure P2166 to bring these documents in alignment with Washington Administrative Cod 392-170.  This will include updating the following components of our current policy and procedures:


      • The definition of highly capable students
      • Nomination and notification process
      • Screening, assessment and selection of students
      • Program services
      • In addition, the HCRC may make other recommendations to the district that could include staff professional development needs, program model, and/or curriculum.
    The major impact on our current program is the nature of the services.  Currently, BISD serves students in grades 4 through 8, using an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to identify supplementary activities.  Most of these activities have been provided by the students’ regular classroom teacher.  The new WAC requires the district to serve students in grades K through 12.  The committee is discussing and analyzing an array of models to deliver highly capable services for K-12 students that include continuing the current classroom based ILP model, but also considering new program models that have been established in other school districts.
    For the 2013/2014 school year, the district hosted a Highly Capable Review Committee.  This committee responded to changes in the Washington Administrative Code that changes the manner in which districts responds to the needs of identified students.  The school board approved an implementation plan for the 2014/2015 school year that was developed by the Review Committee.  Parent and school staff input was a part of this process.  Details of the Highly Capable Program Review are contained in the table below: 


    School Year
    Meeting Notes and
    Supporting Documentation
    June HC Multi-Disciplinary Team Review HC Multi-Disciplinary Team Results 
    June HC program plan drafted and submitted to OSPI HC Students Program Annual Plan for 2014/15

    Eligibility process determined for school year 2014/2015. All students will be selected based on the results of a cognitive assessment, an academic assessment and a teacher rating scale assessment.

    May 8 School Board Presentation of Highly Capable
    April 17 HCRC Meeting  4/17/14 Meeting Notes
    March 27 HCRC Meeting to include: Review Survey; Parent meeting feedback; Teacher meeting discussion 3/27/14 Meeting Notes
    February 27 HCRC Meeting to include: Review minutes; Program services/models; Criteria discussion; Services implementation outline   2/27/14 Meeting Notes
    February 13 HCRC Meeting to include: Share update of HCP Language; Review HCRC Models; Report back on Identification and Program Development; Elementary Program Comparison Chart; Back Fill Plan 2/13/14 Meeting Notes 
    January 16    HCRC Meeting to include: Review draft of Board policy and procedures; Program models; Screening and Assessment 
    November 14 HCRC Meeting to include: WAC review; Nomination; Assessment; Survey; Program model  11/14/13 Meeting Notes 
    October 17  HCRC Meeting to include: Reviewing; Screening; Selection processes 10/17/13 Meeting Notes
    October 3 HCRC Meeting to include: Review the model to be used to determine consensus for this committee; Address the Definition of a highly capable child.  You will want to look at the current WACs, WSSDA 2190P and current BISD Procedure 2166 which are all in your notebooks; If time permits we will start addressing screening and selection criteria. 
    September 26 HCRC Meeting to include: Introduction to changes required by WA administrative code 392-170; Review of committee member roles and responsibilities, district policy procedure 1240; Highly Capable Review Committee statement;Program overview and plan for next step 9/26/13 Meeting Notes