Aline Bradley, MSEd

    Special Education Teacher

    Adult Living Program Coordinator
    A stepping stone for a positive and productive quality of life as an adult.
     Our ALP team is dedicated to providing students with a caring and purposeful support system. We focus on giving neurodivergent students aged 18 to 21 access to effective resources and learning experiences they need to develop the necessary skills and the ability to attain a productive quality of life as an adult with confidence. Our instructional process is focused on life skills and job readiness skills, blending learning and practical experiences in and out of our classrooms. 
    ALP facilitates the Transportation department Lost and Found as a collateral service. Please see our dedicated section on the left for more information.
    Phone: 206 780 1486
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    Mailing Address: 8489 Madison Avenue NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110