Mr. Kaycee Taylor  

    Analyzing the Modern World                             
     Kaycee Taylor Seahwawks

      Weclome or Welcome Back To BHS.

    I am looking forward to working with you (in person!!) this year after what seems like a huge gap in time since most of us were in a full class setting. 

    For the 9th graders in my AMW course this is may be your 1st time on campus and the start of a new year is a propitious time to set yourself up for success in school, which I fully believe you are capable of doing if you are willing to do so. Additionally, your Freshmen year is an opportunity to get involved, discover more about yourself and have fresh start if you want it 

    For 11th graders in US History it is an interesting time for the United States and this year at BHS you will learn more about: this nation's past, "American Identity", how the ideals of Liberty Democracy Opportunity Equality Rights are major components of the "American Dream"  

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