• Welcome to Mr. Moore's homepage for 8th grade science!


  • As we explore the life sciences throughout the year this website is designed to provide you with a brief overview of what we do each day.  To the right you will find  'Science Week at a Glance,' an interactive link to a google slide show.  You can toggle through different weeks by scrolling to the bottom of the image where you will find an interactive toolbar.  For specifics about any given assignment have your student log-in to Google Classroom and show you around.   Feel free to take a look at the course syllabus as well. 

    Want to see the 'Week at a Glances' for the other 8A teachers?  Keep scrolling down!

  • Other Team 8A Teacher's 'Week at a Glances' 

  • If the text on the slideshows is too small to read, they each have a 'full screen' option in their toolbars at the bottom. Click the icon that looks like a square.

    Mr. Rabinowitz's Algebra: