WMS Cross Country

  • Dear WMS XC Parents,

    Practices for Cross Country will begin on Monday, 4/26.  Practices will run from 3:45 - 5:15 on Mondays and Wednesdays.

    For AM cohort students, please use the south parking lot (the parking lot with the flag pole, front of school) for drop off.  Please do not drop off prior to 3:35 p.m. otherwise you will be stuck in messy after school traffic. Students will enter through the covid station in the front of school and have their temperature taken.  They will then queue up on one of the socially distanced markers in the Commons and wait for their coach to take them out to the practice field.  AM students should come dressed for participation, there are no locker rooms open for changing.  They should also have their own water in a water bottle clearly marked with their name.  The water fountains at school are not being utilized.

    PM students will queue up in the Commons after school.  If possible, students should come prepared for afternoon sports when they come to school.  If they need to change clothes after school, they may utilize the Commons bathrooms.  If PM students need to store extra gear for afternoon athletics during the school day, they may utilize the room on the stage for this.  When they come to school, after they check in, they may drop their stuff off in this room on the stage.

    All students will leave their bags (backpacks) in the commons while they are participating in after school sports. They should just take their water bottles and appropriate extra clothing (if needed due to weather) with them out to practice.  Coaches will let them back in the Commons after practice to gather their things.


    Pick Up: All students will be picked up in the north parking lot at 5:15.  This is the parking lot nearest the field.


    Covid Protocols:

    -Masks will be worn at all times.  Only in long distance running while athletes have broken away from the pack may they remove their masks.

    - 6 feet of social distancing should be followed at all times, except during times of scrimmage, drills requiring less distance, or practicing events. 

    - All students/coaches will go through the hand sanitizing and temperature check station prior to practice.

    - Coaches will have extra masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing solution with microfiber cloths to utilize between uses of shared equipment.

    - Any athlete/coach experiencing any symptoms within 24 hours prior to practice should not come to practice!  There is no penalty for missing practices and no minimum commitment for number of practices.

    - If symptoms persist for 24 hours, athletes/coaches should contact me - Jim Corsetti.

    We are pleased to offer this opportunity for students.  Thank you.