• Mr. Hyllested


    Mr. Hyllested  "Mr. H. "                                          

    Digital Photography /CTE 

    Room 204


    Phone:   206-855-0472

    Email:    phyllested@bisd303.org


    Subjects:   Photo I, II, III, Advanced Placement Photography 



  • Photography is a passion of mine and I am excited to share it with the students of Bainbridge High. I offer Photography One class as a place to get introduced to the basics of photography and Adobe Photoshop photo editing software. From Photography One you can move on to Photography Two, Three and Advanced Placement Photography


    Google Classroom Codes are on the classroom code page as well as direct links.

    Please review the class syllabus and let me know if you have any questions about any of my classes.


    As a photography student you will have the opportunity to participate in the BHS annual art show, Washington State High School Photography contest and several other contests.