• Associated Student Body (ASB) of Bainbridge High School
    The Associated Student Body of Bainbridge High School is a student run organization representing and advocating for the students of Bainbridge High School.  Students are represented by the ASB Executive Board which includes class officers (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) and school-wide officers (ASB president, ASB vice-president, ASB secretary, and ASB treasurer).  Decisions are made at Executive Board meetings, following the Bainbridge High School Constitution, once per week (during Homeroom), facilitated by the ASB officers. ASB also oversees more than 30 activities and clubs. 
    Join an ASB Activity or Club!
    Click here for information about all of our current activities and clubs.  Take a look at the different things being offered and, if you are interested, reach out to the listed advisor. 
    All students participating in ASB activities and clubs must abide by the BISD Activities Code.
    Want to create a new ASB Activity or Club?   
    We have three types of ASB Activities and Clubs:
    •  Academic (groups like Analytics Club, HOSA Club)
    •  Educational (groups like FBLA, SAGA)
    •  Service (groups like NHS, Social Justice League)

    Click here for more information about creating an ASB Activity or Club.

    Questions about ASB?
    Contact Ms. Leigh (kleigh@bisd303.org)