Sharon Tuinukuafe

    Phone: 206-855-0474
    Subjects: Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and Forensic Science
    Google class codes: 
    Forensic Science 1st period: 7kgvmjh
    Chemistry 2nd period: btky52s
    Forensic Science 3rd period: ijkjoxt
    AP Chemistry 4th period: 552ky2f
    Forensic Science 5th period: bmbsluq
    AP Chemistry 6th period: y3hmurz
    Tongan island forming in Ha'apai
    Welcome! Classes begin on Sept. 1st with students in person, wearing masks and with 3 ft social distancing. Assignments will be shared through our Google classroom site to make it easier for students needing to quarantine due to COVID-19 to make up work. Students will receive an invitation to the classroom through their frogrock accounts, if they do not, please send me an email. Also, check out the website repository for each class. The syllabus for each class is linked to the right under each class, and a Week-At-a-Glance slide will be updated every Friday. 
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