• About Ms. Eigen

    Emily Eigen

    Teaching Experience 

    I started teaching at a private school (the Maret School) in Washington, DC, in 2000. While I was there, I taught 8th - 12th grade humanities and French, and I ran the community service program. My family and I moved to Bainbridge in 2005, and I then taught 6th grade humanities at Hyla Middle School. I started teaching in the Bainbridge public schools in 2011, and I really love working in the district. I've been lucky to teach at Sakai Intermediate School and Eagle Harbor High School as well as Bainbridge High School


    Bainbridge Cooperative Nursery School, École Paul Painlevé, Ordway Elementary School, Commodore Middle School, Lycée Joffre, Bainbridge High School, Université de Paris, Georgetown University, Université de Toulouse, Volkshochschule Berlin-Zehlendorf, Oxford University, and Western Governors University. (As you can tell, I like being in school.)
    I have degrees in Foreign Service and Late Medieval English Literature.  


    English teacher and French teacher, BHS: I teach 12th grade Honors Humanities together with Ms. Zonoff, English 10 and French 1!
    Equity Curriculum Specialist, BISD: I work with my colleagues district-wide on supporting equity and access for all students through curriculum implementation, resources, and instructional strategies.