• Bainbridge High School Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)

    The purpose for the Bainbridge High School PTSO is to encourage, support and facilitate communication between parents, teachers, school administration and students. We do this through teacher grants, visiting speakers, and fun and innovative programs and opportunities for students and staff.
    All teachers/staff and students of Bainbridge High School and the parents and/or guardians, of Bainbridge High School students are members of the organization. There is no formal membership sign-up process and there are no member "dues". To accomplish our mission to support the high school community, we rely on generous donations from parents and guardians like you. Please consider donating $25 or more by clicking here so that we can continue to provide support.
    The BHS PTSO meets four to six times per year with the desire of providing a mix of day time and evening meeting opportunities. All meetings are open to all students, parents and staff members. The specific meeting schedule, including time, location and agenda is advertised via the BHS Website and the BHS SchoolMessenger messaging system.