Parents with students registered in the Bainbridge Island School District can receive messages from the district, email newsletters and information from our community partners in the form of electronic flyers from a service called Peachjar. The flyers are available via email and on school websites.

How to subscribe or unsubscribe

If you were in the district’s old Listserv system, you received a welcome message from Peachjar containing a username and password. No action is required on your part. You don't need to log in to receive or view school flyers. The username and password enables families to create a Peachjar account and determine flyer delivery preferences. You can set your account so that you receive flyers/notifications immediately, daily, weekly or never.   

If you are not receiving our eflyers and wish to do so, please go to and register using the button in the upper right corner of the Peachjar website. To ensure smooth delivery of information, we suggest you add “” to your email contacts. When you receive your first eflyer or enewsletter be sure to click “always display images.” 

On your account page, you can subscribe to receive email messages from the school(s) of your choice. These messages may include, but are not limited to, general information, school newsletters, upcoming events, school schedule changes, or emergency communications. Please note: We are in the process of separating the Commodore list into the school’s three programs. For now, please access Eagle Harbor High School, Mosaic Home Education Partnership and the Odyssey Multiage Program via Commodore.

Peachjar is a contract service provider that exists exclusively for the distribution of 
school- and district-approved communication.