Volunteer opportunities abound. You may ...
  • be an Art Docent
  • help with art projects
  • be a reading partner
  • assist in a health room
  • be a coach of Math Olympiad, sports, or other teams
  • take volunteer tasks home
  • assist by planning for or being at special events
Applying to be a volunteer
Please review the Volunteer Handbook 2014 and learn about the possibilities, rules and requirements, and procedures.

The BISD online Volunteer Application Procedure is available. Please read the following before proceeding with the online Volunteer Application Procedure.

What you need to know and do with the online Volunteer Application procedure

This procedure applies to:
  •   All new volunteers
  •   Volunteers who completed the application process in the fall of 2013 or earlier
  •   Volunteer drivers who have not completed the application procedure.
If you were approved to volunteer during the 2014-15 school year, you do not need to renew yet. You will be notified when you approval is about to expire.
Volunteer drivers need to complete the procedure before submitting the Volunteer Driver Checklist and copy of their auto insurance card. Please see other directions and links for *Volunteer Drivers below.

All new or renewing volunteers need to provide a copy of their driver license or photo ID (with birthdate). Send that to:

Pam Keyes, BISD Community Relations Coordinator

8489 Madison Avenue NE

Bainbridge Island, WA 981110


Take the copy to any school office and ask that it be forwarded via the district courier to the Community Relations office


scan and email it to pkeyes@bisd303.org

The online process includes:

  1. A link to the online orientation and training
  2. Review and assessment of the volunteer’s knowledge of the training
  3. And three required forms:
a.   Application
b.  Agreement
c.  Disclosure and Consent

After volunteers conclude the entire application process, BISD does a Washington State Patrol Request for Criminal History, as authorized on both the application and disclosure and consent forms.

When all of these elements are complete, BISD adds the individual to the comprehensive list of approved volunteers and notifies the schools.

The BISD online Volunteer Application Procedure is available.

*Volunteer Drivers: If you will be volunteering in other areas and driving students, complete the above and then follow these guidelines and directions to complete the B.I.S.D. Volunteer Driver Checklist (VDC). Submit this form and a copy of your driver license and insurance card to your school administrative secretary.

If as a volunteer you will only be driving, read the above guidelines and directions and submit only the VDC with copies of your license and auto insurance card.

When are fingerprints required? Any volunteer who will have any amount of ongoing unsupervised contact with students should follow these directions for a fingerprint record check.

When is a Hold Harmless Agreement needed? For some volunteer opportunities, such as helping to weed or work on the grounds of school properties, you will need to complete a Hold Harmless Agreement.

Questions & Answers

Do volunteers have to apply at each school?

No. With completion of the volunteer application procedure and approval, volunteers are permitted to serve in any school or district program.   

For how long is the volunteer approval valid?

Volunteers are authorized for two years from the time of approval. After two years, the application procedure must be repeated.

How long does it take to be placed on the comprehensive list of approved volunteers?

It typically takes two weeks for the clearance process to be completed.

Will a volunteer be notified when they have been approved?

No. The schools listed on the application are notified when the volunteer is approved. The district does not have the resources to notify each volunteer.

What is the new volunteer screening technology?

Following the three schools that piloted a new technology tool in 2014-15, all schools now use the system which includes printing of a volunteer badge, recording of hours and categories of volunteer service, and scans a national sex offender database that provides another layer of security for our students and staff.

How do volunteers check in and out at each school?

Staff in the main school office advise you. You will need your driver license when you check in for the first time. They will direct you to check in and out using a kiosk computer.

Why do I have to check in and out when I volunteer?

  • You will receive a name badge for each time you volunteer. This allows all staff to recognize you as an authorized visitor.
  • The new volunteer screening system compiles hours and categorical tasks, which are used for volunteer program reports.
  • It lets staff know where you will be in case of an emergency.

If fingerprints are required, for how long are those valid?

Paralleling staff procedures, fingerprints for volunteers will remain valid until they have not volunteered in the district for six months or longer.
Who can I contact if I have questions about the volunteer program or application process?

Please contact the district Community Relations Coordinator: 206-780-1398 or pkeyes@bisd303.org, 8489 Madison Avenue NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.

Thousands of volunteer tasks, thousands of volunteer hours - read some Volunteer Program Reports: