The public is encouraged to use school facilities, and the district makes its facilities available after regularly scheduled school days and co-curricular activities, and on nonschool days and during school vacations. Facilities available for use may include auditoriums, cafeterias, classrooms, commons, computer labs, gymnasiums, libraries and fields. Facilities may be used for a broad range of activities including elections, community sports programs, public hearings, concerts, etc.

Interested citizens should review the district’s policies and procedures prior to using the facilities. 6113 Community Use of School Facilities

To rent school district facilities or fields, please view the Community use of School Facilities Rental Fees.
Please return completed facility-use forms to the administrative secretary at the requested location.
Return field-use forms (for every field except Bainbridge High School) to Facility and Custodial Supervisor Dane Fenwick at 206-780-1454 or