Capital Projects & Facilities

       2009 Bond
The 2009 $42M Bond accomplished the following:
-Wilkes Elementary School replacement
-Transportation buildings modernization and remodel



Bainbridge High School

-Tennis court resurfacing
-New Fastpitch & Baseball Scoreboards
-Breezeway Roof Replacement
-Parking reconfiguration signage 
•100 Bldg
-Roof postpone patch & repair
-Computer lab electrical upgrade
-Composite lab
-Drafting room renovation
•200 Bldg
-Whiteboards (Rm 226)
-Classroom lighting retrofit 
•300 Bldg
-Photo lab renovation
•400 Bldg 
-Energy conservation (lighting upgrades) 
-Energy conservation (lighting upgrades)
-New sound system

Commodore Facility

-Office remodel
-Heat recovery unit installation (steam system replacement)
-New Building Sign

Woodward Middle School

-Field & track replacement
-Commons paint and baseboard
-Roof replacement
-Gymnasium floor replacement
-Gymnasium paint
-Gymnasium lighting retrofit
-HVAC controls upgrade
-Partial exterior paint
-Field drainage improvements
-Library reconfiguration
-Main office and interior doors partial paint
-Home & Family Life Kitchen remodel
-New storage shed on field 
-HFL kitchen remodel 

Sakai Intermediate School

-HVAC controls upgrade
-Interior paint
-Music room acoustic improvements
-Lighting retrofit
-Gymnasium floor re-striping
-Tack wall installations
-Main entry solar light

Blakely Elementary School

-Roof postpone patch & repair
-Science technology engineering & math (STEM) room conversion
-Lighting retrofit 

Ordway Elementary School

-Portable roof replacement
-STEM room conversion
-Lighting retrofit
-Play shed and playground improvements
-Portables (2) upgrades
-Portables (2) relocation
-HVAC improvements (administration and computer laboratory)
-Library pit infill
-ILC room enhancements (2)
-New plumbing and drinking fountain fixtures
-Newly painted exterior doors
-New kindergarten roof and exterior painting
-Patch and paint various rooms

Wilkes Elementary School

-STEM room conversion

District Administration Office

-HVAC improvements
-Blackout blinds in board room

Capital Projects Districtwide

-Security cameras
-Energy conservation
-Minor pavement improvements
-Handheld Emergency communication radios
Transportation Building
-Acoustic wall panels
Maintenance Department
-Vehicle replacements
District Office
-Human scale chairs
-Parking lot striping