Capital Projects & Facilities

       2006 Bond

The 2006 $45M Bond accomplished the following:


-Bainbridge High School 200 building replacement
-Maintenance building replacement 


Bainbridge High School
-(4) Portables purchased to house students during construction of the 200 Building
-Energy conservation (lighting upgrades)
•100 Bldg
-LGI stage area safety iomprovements
-HVAC (failing boiler system valve replacement)
•300 Bldg
-Conversion and upgrade of 3 science rooms 
-Laboratory prep room conversion and upgrade
-Unification to new boiler system-hydronic heat
•400 Bldg
-HVAC upgrades – boiler controls
•500 Bldg
-Unification to new boiler system/hydronic heat
-Remediate water infiltration
-Roof replacement
-Roof replacement & exterior paint
-Track and field replacement
-Baseball field minor improvements

Commodore Facility

-Commons/lunchroom and kitchen
-Music room floor replacement
-Intercom upgrades
-Energy conservation (lighting upgrades)
-Partial roof replacement
-Partial building demolition
-Science room renovation
-Heat recovery unit replacement
Woodward Middle School
-Energy conservation (lighting upgrades)
-Connecting pathway to Sakai
Sakai Intermediate School
-Energy conservation (lighting upgrades)
-Connecting pathway to Woodward
-Drainage improvements
-Intercom upgrades
Blakely Elementary School
-Energy conservation (lighting upgrades)
-Domestic hot water system improvement
-South island sewer connection
-Seismic improvement to covered play area
-Gymnasium floor replacement
-Portable relocation from BHS

Ordway Elementary School
-Energy conservation (lighting upgrades)
-Gymnasium floor replacement
-Fascia abatement and replacement
-Bathroom remodels
-Clock and intercom improvements
-Interior paint

Wilkes Elementary School
-Roof postpone patch & repair

Capital Projects Districtwide
-Board room
-Communications upgrade
-Minor paving improvements