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  • Dear 5th and 6th Grade Students and Families,
    We are working diligently here at Sakai preparing for another hugely successful school year!  My summer vacation officially ended last week, but that's okay because it's fun work getting ready for a new school year.
    This Friday afternoon (after 4 p.m.), August 15, we will be turning Family Access/Skyward on so that all can see their class placement.  There are a few things that you need to know about this:
    1.  For incoming 6th graders immunization records need to be updated before you will be allowed to see the class placement.  All incoming 6th graders must have Tdap vaccine on or after their 11th birthday.  The Tdap is a "3 in 1" vaccine that prevents against diptheria, tetanus, and pertusis. You must update your child's Certificate of Immunization Status at Sakai by supplying us with the date your child received the Tdap.  You can do this by emailing Sandra Halbert , calling the Sakai Nurse's office and leaving a message 780-6507, or by coming into the Sakai Office in person.
    2.  You can get exemptions for religious or medical reasons to the Tdap vaccination.  Please email or call as instructed above for more information on how to do that, or with that information.
    3.  If you are a parent of an incoming 6th grader and you have already updated your child's immunization status, then you will be able to see the class placement when Family Access is turned on Friday, August 15.
    4.  There are two classes that I have not yet hired a teacher.  We have experienced a growth in enrollment, and have just recently had a teacher move out of our school district.  I am in the process of hiring a 6th grade Social Studies and Language Arts teacher that will team with Tim Harris, Amy Evans, and Jim Starrs (all experienced Sakai 6th grade teachers.)  I am also in the process of hiring a 5th grade teacher that will team with Adam Rabinowitz who is also an experienced and long-time Sakai teacher.  Unfortunately both of these placements will still be undetermined by the time Family Access is turned on this Friday.  Hiring is one of the most important things I can do, and I have an excellent track record of working with my teams to hire great teachers.  If your child is placed in one of these classes I will keep you updated as to the status of hiring, and will have these positions filled some time next week.
    I'm looking forward to an excellent school year.  In the meantime, please enjoy your summer.
    Thank you.
    Jim Corsetti - Principal
    Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School
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